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People have always been drawn to the practice of witchcraft. Love spells remain the most popular because making a person love you sounds attractive to many people. There are a lot of magic charms, including the honey jar spell.

A simple love honey jar spell is intended to make your relationship more “sweet.” Besides, the most powerful honey jar spell can help get a better understanding of your partnership and how to resolve existing problems your union faces.

However, it will only work if your intentions are sincere and pure.

Things you will need to cast a honey jar spell

Any spell or potion involves having specific ingredients or tools for witchcraft. If you want to do a honey jar spell, the first and most important thing you need is honey. But what else is necessary to carry out this magic charm? We attached a list of the required ingredients. You can write down or copy & paste these items in order not to forget to purchase anything.

  • Jar
  • Candle
  • Candle wax
  • Rose petals
  • Lavender
  • Salvia

Besides these ingredients and honey, you will probably need crystals, rose oil, and other herbs.

If you want this spell to work, you will have to make sure your intentions are healthy and genuine. Moreover, before performing this “relationship sweeting” spell, check whether your partner strives to improve your partnership too. The free will of your soulmate is a must-have.  

To make your relationship flourish with the help of the honey jar spell, you will also need to believe this happens and your incantation brings the desired result.

How to cast a honey jar spell?

If you wish your witchcraft work, you are obliged to know how to do a honey jar spell. This process consists of the following stages. 

  1. Prepare your space and aura. Get rid of negative feelings and concentrate on positive vibrations that will make your spell successful.
  2. Take a piece of paper and write down your name and intentions in a manifesting style, like “My relationship is stable.” Make sure you write this incantation in the present tense. It’s optional to sprinkle several drops of rose oil on the paper if you want to make the spell sweeter. 
  3. The third stage of your spelling process is folding the piece of paper three times and putting it in the jar.
  4. Now, fill the jar with other ingredients: honey, lavender, crystals, and rose petals. 
  5. Select a candle wax of a specific color to seal the jar. For romance, pink is preferable. 
  6. Bless your romance jar and light a candle placed on top of it. 

Once you finish the spell, put a jar in a safe place and repeat your intention spell regularly to receive a fruitful outcome. 


Now, as you have learned how to cast a honey jar spell and what you will need to perform it, you can begin your light witchcraft journey. Remember, higher powers will be in your favor if you show them you wish only the best for your relationship, partner, and the world.

Allen Wood
Astrology & Psychic Expert
Allen Wood is an American psychic reader. His interests include language, psychology, literature, religious and mythological sciences. Allen Wood has been a concealer to alcohol and drug addicts, as well as victims of various Cults, implementing his knowledge in myths and religion.

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