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People have been engaged in witchcraft for a long time, especially love spells. Love makes people go for anything. Light magic spells are a safe way to improve your love sphere quickly.

These spells include the pink candle spell. Candles are a mandatory attribute of almost any incantation. They aim at re-establishing a connection between the caster and the object. This particular magical performance requires pink candles because pink is the color of love and romantic feelings. Therefore, the love pink candle spell is one of the best ways to establish a strong connection with your partner.

Things you will need to cast a pink candle spell

This spell is simple and requires not so many ingredients and tools to cast it. Therefore, all you need is a pink candle, a lighter or matches to light it up, and a piece of paper with a pen or pencil.

However, the most powerful pink candle spell requires more than just material things: before performing this ritual, make sure you have the following: 

  • Pure intentions. “What goes around – comes around” is a rule you need to keep in mind while casting a love pink candle spell. Unnatural, negative desires may cause the spell not to work or work not in your favor. For example, if you wish that the boyfriend of your bestie splits up with her and becomes your partner, except that it can bring trouble to you in a romantic sphere. You may not be able to find a partner or will come across a cheater who will break your heart. 
  • Faith. It is crucial to believe in the spell and that you will succeed in achieving your goals. If you feel that you and your friend are developing a romantic connection and want light magic to help strengthen these feelings, just believe in it.
  • Energy cleansing. Before casting the spell, cleanse your mind from extraneous and negative thoughts. If you are distracted by unbalanced emotions, you are unlikely to get a productive result from the spell.

How to cast a pink candle spell?

If you wonder how to do a pink candle spell, check out our little guide on this simple witchcraft:

  1. Take a new pink candle and light it up.
  2. Take a piece of paper, draw a circle, and write your name and the name of your chosen one in this circle.
  3. Then, close your eyes and imagine you and your partner happy with your relationship. Repeat your wish three times. The wish must be in the present tense to make it closer to coming true.
  4. Look at the candle until it burns out completely. It’s better to repeat this spell every night (7 nights are enough) to have more chances of it working.


Magic can bring a lot of flourishing results if you hold your pink candle spell correctly. Be genuine and fill your mind and soul with positive vibrations to make higher powers and spirits take your side and bring you love with the help of the pink candle spell.

Allen Wood
Astrology & Psychic Expert
Allen Wood is an American psychic reader. His interests include language, psychology, literature, religious and mythological sciences. Allen Wood has been a concealer to alcohol and drug addicts, as well as victims of various Cults, implementing his knowledge in myths and religion.

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