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Wiccan witchcraft is connected with the modern pagan religion Wicca, which became popular in the 1950-s. It is based on the cult of Mother Earth and the Great Goddess. Wicca is a form of ancient witchcraft that used the powers and gifts of nature to perform magic. 

To cast the most powerful Wiccan love spell, firstly, you need to recognize the free will of your love target since the Wiccan religion teaches that everyone is free, and you can’t change someone just because you want to make them fit your requirements. 

Things you will need to cast a Wiccan love spell

You have to connect with nature to cast this simple yet powerful Wiccan love spell. That should be a place which is located far from the city and passers-by. In addition, this spot must be near the source of human life—water. So the first step is to find such a place. The best options are a river or a stream. 

It is important to note that you need to select such days of power when the forces of nature are most favorable to human petitions. This list includes the middle of summer, the day of the spring equinox, the Lughnasadh (the time of the first harvest), and Mabon, the autumn equinox.

Next, you will need rose petals to attract love, sage to clear space and scare away evil spirits, and daisy flowers to attract good luck and increase the chances of your spell working. Also, you may need Solomon’s seal, which helps cleanse your mind and soul. Spiritual self-cleansing is crucial in magic. If you don’t want your charm to work backward, you have to make sure your soul is full of good intentions. 

You will also need copper wind chimes and a stand for them. The melody created by the wind chimes will help you tune in to the vibrations of Mother Nature in order to receive magical powers from her and cast the spell. 

How to cast a Wiccan love spell

Now, it’s time to reveal how to do a Wiccan love spell. When you arrive at the spot for a ritual, sit close to the water. Fix the wind chimes and scatter sage, daisy, and Solomon’s seal petals around you.

Then, take rose petals in your hands and place them near your heart while reciting the following incantation, “Oh, forces of Mother Nature, please, bless me for a happy and long love relationship.”

Focusing on your desire and good intentions, throw rose petals one at a time into the water.

Do not expect this desire to work quickly. You have to wait a while, usually, three or seven days, before you start to see the first details of this love spell working.


Ancient magic based on connecting with nature is the best way to fulfill a pure romantic desire. Now that you’ve learned how to cast a Wiccan love spell, you can start practicing. The most important thing is to believe that the forces of nature will help you!

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